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City of Toronto Launches 2024 Cultural Hotspot Program Celebrating Jane and Finch Community

Toronto, ON – The City of Toronto has officially launched the 2024 Cultural Hotspot program, shining a spotlight on the vibrant arts and culture of the Jane and Finch community. Running through 2025, this initiative celebrates local creative contributions and supports artists and arts organizations within the area.

The Cultural Hotspot is an annual program that each year highlights a different community outside of Toronto’s downtown core. With a focus on fostering artistic talent and cultural expression, the program is delivered in collaboration with local arts and community organizations. It offers youth job placements and mentorship opportunities through a variety of workshops, exhibits, and events.

Highlights of the 2024 Cultural Hotspot Program:

  1. Brand Design Program: A seven-week workshop series where six young artists from equity-deserving groups learn branding guidelines and culminate in a final brand launch event. This program is facilitated by The Classroom with support from Anchored Minds Foundation, running until August 4.
  2. From the Roots Up: Twenty youth aged 13 to 18 will work with shoe artist Deanna Livoti to design customized sneakers, which will be showcased in a professional gallery. Facilitated by The Neighbourhood Group Community Services, this project runs until August 24, 2024.
  3. Black Diamonds: A series of weekly literary and performing arts workshops led by experienced artists, educators, and mentors, culminating in a public performance. This initiative is facilitated by the Black Diamonds Writers’ Collective with support from The Neighbourhood Group Community Services, running until October 31.
  4. Digital Impressions, Urban Griots: Black youth aged 14 to 18 will create augmented reality digital art that ties into existing murals in Jane and Finch, guided by local professional artists. Organized by AstroSankofa Arts Initiatives, this program runs until October 31.
  5. Open Mic at Black Creek Community Farm: Five monthly open mic events and instructional programming delivered by professional artists, prioritizing local youth from equity-deserving groups. Organized by Black Creek Community Farm with support from Foodshare Inc., this series runs until October 31.
  6. Flaunt It x Corner Commons: Community Arts Festival 2024: A two-day festival celebrating women and gender-diverse residents of Jane and Finch, featuring an artist showcase on September 20 and a small business market on September 27. Hosted by Flaunt It Movement.
  7. Wheel It Studios VOL. 6: A youth mentorship program focusing on content creation, artist engagement, and music marketing, culminating in the release of album singles and a final album launch on digital platforms. Facilitated by New Tradition Music, with events on September 5 and 6.
  8. Print Sessions & Print Sessions Live: Live-recorded performances featuring up to 30 artists aged 15 to 29, supported by a professional band, sound engineer, photographer, and videographer. Sessions are held at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School and A Different Booklist, facilitated by The Greenprint Network, running until November 30.

The Cultural Hotspot program is presented by TD Bank Group and supported by Jane Finch Mall, along with media partners FLOW 98.7 and the Toronto Star.

All public programming is free to attend and takes place within the boundaries of Steeles Avenue to the north, Wilson Avenue to the south, Weston Road to the west, and Keele Street to the east.

For more information, including a full list of 2024 programming and a calendar of upcoming events, visit the City’s Cultural Hotspot webpage.


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