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City Calls Upon Artists to Celebrate Brampton’s 50th Birthday with Mural at The Rose

BRAMPTON, ON – As Brampton commemorates its 50th year since incorporation, the city is extending an invitation to professional artists and artist-led teams to contribute to the celebrations by creating a stunning mural. The mural will find its home at The Rose, symbolizing Brampton’s cultural richness and artistic diversity for residents and visitors alike.

Artists are encouraged to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI), showcasing not only their artistic vision but also their connection to Brampton. The chosen artist or team will have the opportunity to craft a piece that reflects the city’s journey over the past five decades and its promising future.

The selection process promises to be inclusive and engaging. A shortlist of up to five artists will be invited to submit concept proposals, with each shortlisted artist receiving a fee of $1,000 for their participation. These proposals will be shared with the community for feedback, ensuring that the final mural resonates with the city’s residents.

After careful review and community input, the Art Selection Committee, comprised of peer assessors, arts professionals, and community members, will recommend the winning design. The selected artist or team will receive a one-time fee of $90,000 (inclusive of HST) for their work, underscoring the city’s commitment to valuing and compensating artistic talent.

Local Brampton resident expressed excitement about the project, stating, “Brampton’s 50th birthday is a significant milestone, and this mural will serve as a lasting tribute to our city’s rich cultural heritage and bright future. We look forward to seeing the creative visions of artists who call Brampton home and those who feel connected to our community.”

The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 10, at 2:00 pm, giving artists ample time to prepare and showcase their talent.

For more information and to submit an EOI, visit their website.


This initiative from the City of Brampton not only celebrates a significant milestone but also emphasizes the importance of public art in fostering community pride and identity. By involving artists in the commemoration of Brampton’s 50th birthday, the city recognizes the invaluable role of creativity in shaping urban landscapes and narratives. The transparent selection process, coupled with fair compensation for artists, demonstrates a commitment to supporting local talent and promoting cultural vibrancy. As the project progresses, it will be intriguing to see how the chosen mural reflects Brampton’s diverse history and aspirations for the future.


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