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CIBC C2 Art Program Unveils 2024 Winners: Laura Hudspith and Roda Medhat

Toronto – In a bid to champion emerging talents in the arts, CIBC proudly announces the victors of its esteemed C2 Art Program for 2024. After a rigorous selection process overseen by a committee of both artistic luminaries and CIBC representatives, Laura Hudspith and Roda Medhat emerged triumphant, poised to embark on an exciting journey of creativity and innovation.

Laura Hudspith, an interdisciplinary artist, sets her sights on crafting a captivating series of stained glass and copper sculptures. Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity, she looks forward to refining her craft with CIBC’s support over the coming months. Meanwhile, Roda Medhat, a multidisciplinary artist, embraces the chance to continue her artistic exploration, pledging to create compelling works that resonate on a professional level.

CIBC C2 Art Program 2024 winner Laura Hudspith.Image credit: Georgia Saxelby (CNW Group/CIBC)
CIBC C2 Art Program 2024 winner Laura Hudspith.
Image credit: Georgia Saxelby (CNW Group/CIBC)

The fruits of their labor will be unveiled in solo exhibitions hosted at CIBC SQUARE in Toronto, ON. Open to clients, visitors, and employees alike, these exhibitions promise to immerse audiences in the unique visions of these burgeoning artists for a three-month period.

Dr. Claudette Knight, Vice-President of Workplace Design and Experience at CIBC, lauds the program’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of artistic talent. She expresses excitement at the prospect of witnessing the creative evolution of Hudspith and Medhat’s works within the walls of CIBC SQUARE.

Reflecting on the program’s legacy, last year’s winners, interdisciplinary artist, curator, and designer Maya Skarzenski, alongside artist and educator Mike Pszczonak, serve as testament to the transformative power of the C2 Art Program.

For those eager to delve deeper into the realm of artistic expression, further details about the C2 Art Program can be found on the CIBC website.

As the curtains rise on yet another chapter in the C2 Art Program’s storied history, Toronto’s cultural landscape stands poised to be enriched by the boundless creativity of Laura Hudspith and Roda Medhat.

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