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Chris Hadfield Public School’s Marketplace Event Empowers Grade 8 Students through Entrepreneurship Education

Ajax – Grade 8 students at Chris Hadfield Public School showcased their entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen at the annual Marketplace event held earlier this spring. Led by Mr. Hosier, a Grade 8 teacher and the mastermind behind Marketplace, students delved into a month-long project aimed at real-world learning experiences.

Similar to the popular television show “Dragons’ Den,” Marketplace challenges students to identify a need, develop a product or service to fulfill that need, and market it to their peers. Mr. Hosier describes the initiative as an “authentic learning” experience, emphasizing the importance of meeting hard deadlines and preparing students for the realities of the business world.

Chris Hadfield PS Marketplace organizing staff team
Chris Hadfield PS Marketplace organizing staff team

The origins of Marketplace trace back to Mr. Hosier’s tenure at Sunset Heights PS, where the focus was initially on food products and media marketing. Over time, the project expanded to encompass a wider range of products and services, emphasizing skills such as marketing, customer service, and financial literacy.

For Grade 8 students like Lauren and Isla, participating in Marketplace was both educational and enjoyable. They appreciated the opportunity to learn about real-world concepts such as managing money, interacting with customers, and promoting their products. Additionally, Lauren noted the benefit for younger students, who could develop communication skills while participating in the event.

Lauren and Isla’s product lineup included a variety of themed bracelets, catering to sports enthusiasts and capitalizing on current events such as the Superbowl. The process of designing and selling their products required careful planning, from identifying target markets to pricing and promotion strategies.

Meanwhile, Luke and Gregory, also Grade 8 students, leveraged their experience as former customers to develop a unique product: shaving cream stress balls. Targeting younger students, they observed an unexpected trend in their customer demographics, with more boys than girls purchasing their products.

To promote their offerings, students utilized posters and radio ads throughout the school, demonstrating their creativity and marketing skills. Mr. Hosier emphasized the valuable skills students acquire through this experience, including creativity, confidence, and practical business knowledge.

Encouraging other schools to adopt similar initiatives, Mr. Hosier emphasized that Marketplace can be adapted to fit any school’s resources and objectives. Ultimately, the efforts of students like Isla, Lauren, Luke, and Gregory not only enriched their educational experience but also contributed to their school community, raising funds for graduation trips and fostering entrepreneurial spirit among young learners.


The Marketplace event at Chris Hadfield Public School exemplifies innovative approaches to education, integrating real-world experiences into the curriculum. By empowering students to develop and market their own products, educators like Mr. Hosier are nurturing essential skills such as creativity, communication, and financial literacy. Initiatives like Marketplace not only enhance traditional learning but also prepare students for success in an increasingly competitive and dynamic world.

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