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Celebrating Creativity: Mississauga Embraces Poetry Month with Exciting Events

Mississauga, ON As April unfolds, the City of Mississauga unveils a rich tapestry of events to honor Poetry Month, inviting residents of all ages to immerse themselves in the beauty of verse and the power of spoken word.

From poetry slams to workshops and author talks, the city’s lineup promises something for every poetry enthusiast. Emulating the spirit of renowned poet Rupi Kaur, these events aim to celebrate the diversity of voices and the richness of expression within the Mississauga community.

One of the highlights of the month-long celebration is the Poetry Slam, scheduled to take place at the esteemed Living Arts Centre’s RBC Theatre on April 24. Youth poets, aged 14 to 24, are encouraged to submit their original works for a chance to perform on stage and showcase their talent to the city.

In addition to the slam, residents are invited to participate in a Poetry Contest by sharing their favorite verses or crafting new ones. Throughout April, all library locations will feature designated display boards where individuals can contribute their poetry, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

Furthermore, aspiring poets can enrich their craft by attending workshops led by esteemed figures in the literary world. On April 3, Ayomide Bayowa, Mississauga’s Poet Laureate, will host a Figurative Language Workshop in collaboration with the Malton Youth Hub, offering insights into the art of writing through the use of metaphor and imagery.

Later in the month, on April 10, Lisa Shen, Mississauga’s Youth Poet Laureate, will lead a workshop titled “A Love Letter to Places,” exploring the significance of setting and environment in poetry.

As part of the festivities, residents will also have the opportunity to meet Mississauga’s Poet Laureates, Ayomide Bayowa and Lisa Shen, on April 17. The event promises an engaging panel discussion and reading, providing valuable insights into the world of poetry and the future of literary arts in the city.

The pinnacle of Poetry Month will culminate in the announcement of Mississauga’s 5th Poet Laureate at the General Committee of Council on April 10. The selected individual will serve a two-year term, dedicated to elevating the status of poetry and nurturing young writers within the community.

For those eager to witness the poetic prowess of Mississauga’s youth, advanced registration is encouraged for the Poetry Slam.

For more information and to register for events, residents are encouraged to visit

With a diverse array of activities and opportunities to engage with poetry, Mississauga invites all residents to join in the celebration of creativity and expression throughout the month of April.


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