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Carolyn Parrish Elected Mayor of Mississauga in 2024 By-election

Mississauga, ON – In a closely watched by-election on June 10, 2024, Carolyn Parrish emerged victorious, securing her position as the new Mayor of Mississauga. Parrish garnered a total of 43,494 votes, marking a significant win in the city’s political landscape. Alongside Parrish, Natalie Hart was elected as the Ward 5 Councillor with 3,707 votes.

The by-election saw a turnout of over 138,500 voters, representing 25.71 per cent of the eligible voting population. Despite the moderate turnout, the election outcomes signal a pivotal moment for Mississauga as it navigates key issues and future developments.

Carolyn Parrish, a seasoned political figure, expressed her gratitude to the voters and outlined her vision for Mississauga.

Natalie Hart, the newly elected Ward 5 Councillor, also conveyed her thanks and commitment to addressing the needs of her constituents.

The City of Mississauga has announced that the new Mayor-elect and Ward 5 Councillor-elect will take their oaths of office on a date to be determined in consultation with the City Clerk. Further details regarding the official ceremony will be provided in the coming days.

It is important to note that the current election results are unofficial. The City Clerk will certify the official results and announce them in the near future.

Residents interested in detailed by-election results can visit for more information. For additional details on the by-election process, please visit or call 905-615-VOTE (8683).

GTA Today will continue to provide updates on the official results and the upcoming oath of office ceremony. Stay tuned for more coverage on Mississauga’s evolving political scene.


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