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Canadians Embrace Co-Ownership Trend Amidst Housing Market Shifts

In the midst of shifting dynamics within the Canadian housing market, a recent survey conducted by Zolo reveals a notable trend: Canadians are increasingly turning to co-ownership arrangements with family or friends to navigate the challenges of high interest rates and competitive markets.

The 2024 Canada Housing Market Report, based on responses from 800 individuals who purchased homes in 2023, sheds light on the evolving strategies employed by homebuyers across the country. Key findings from the report indicate a significant departure from traditional home purchasing norms, with 35% of respondents opting to buy property with family or friends.

This surge in co-ownership represents a departure from conventional individual purchases, signaling a shift towards collaborative approaches to homeownership. With 68% of respondents leveraging financial support from relatives to boost down payments, families are increasingly banding together to overcome financial barriers and enter the housing market.

The report also highlights the resilience of Canadians in the face of economic uncertainty, as savvy buyers explore creative avenues to realize their homeownership aspirations. By pooling resources and sharing financial burdens, co-ownership offers a viable solution for individuals seeking to access housing markets that may have otherwise been beyond reach.

In light of these trends, industry experts predict a continued rise in co-ownership arrangements as Canadians adapt to evolving market conditions. With mortgage brokers playing a pivotal role in securing favorable terms, homebuyers are poised to capitalize on collaborative strategies to achieve their housing goals in an increasingly competitive landscape.

As the housing market continues to evolve, the prevalence of co-ownership underscores the resourcefulness and resilience of Canadians in pursuing homeownership amidst changing economic realities.


The Zolo survey findings shed light on the innovative strategies employed by Canadians in response to the challenges posed by the current housing market. As interest rates rise and market dynamics shift, co-ownership presents a compelling option for individuals seeking to enter the housing market while navigating financial constraints. By leveraging familial support and professional guidance from mortgage brokers, Canadians are forging new pathways to homeownership, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. As the trend towards co-ownership gains momentum, it is essential for policymakers and industry stakeholders to recognize and support the diverse needs of homebuyers in a rapidly changing landscape.

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