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Canadians Call for Connected Care Solutions to Improve Healthcare System

Canadians across the country are voicing their frustrations with a healthcare system that lacks connected care, such as seamless communication and information sharing, according to a recent survey conducted by Canada Health Infoway. The findings highlight the urgent need for modernization to enable the seamless flow of health data across information systems, between care providers, and to patients.

The 2023 Canadian Digital Health Survey revealed that 42 per cent of Canadians report experiencing gaps in care coordination and clinical communication, with many expressing frustration at having to repeat information to different healthcare providers. Shockingly, only half of the surveyed Canadians said their healthcare providers have access to their health history prior to their visit, indicating a significant disconnect in the exchange of vital health information.

Connected Care solutions aim to address these challenges by empowering patients to access and manage their health information, allowing them to play an active role in their healthcare journey and make informed decisions about their care. Furthermore, these solutions provide clinicians with a comprehensive view of patients’ health history, enabling seamless communication and collaboration at the point of care and across care teams.

The survey also revealed overwhelming support for a more connected healthcare system among Canadians. Over four in five respondents agreed that their health information should be electronically shared among all healthcare practitioners, emphasizing the importance of information exchange for improved patient care. Additionally, nearly four in five respondents expressed willingness to share their health information electronically if privacy concerns are adequately addressed.

In response to these findings, Canada Health Infoway emphasizes the importance of advancing Connected Care initiatives to create a more collaborative and patient-centered healthcare system.


The results of the Canadian Digital Health Survey underscore the urgent need for improved connectivity and collaboration within our healthcare system. The frustrations expressed by Canadians highlight the real-world impact of gaps in care coordination and communication.

Connected Care solutions offer a promising pathway towards addressing these challenges, empowering patients and healthcare providers alike with access to comprehensive health information. However, it’s essential that privacy concerns are carefully addressed to ensure widespread acceptance and adoption.

As we move forward, it’s crucial for policymakers, healthcare organizations, and technology providers to work together to implement Connected Care solutions that prioritize patient privacy and data security while enhancing the overall quality of care delivery. By embracing innovation and collaboration, we can create a healthcare system that truly meets the needs and expectations of all Canadians.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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