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Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau and Italy’s Prime Minister Meloni Forge Stronger Ties with Launch of Cooperation Roadmap

Apulia, Italy – In a significant diplomatic move, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of Italy met today in Apulia, Italy, to strengthen bilateral relations and address pressing global challenges.

Prime Minister Trudeau began by commending Prime Minister Meloni for her successful hosting of the recent G7 Summit and extended gratitude for Italy’s steadfast commitment to shared G7 priorities. These priorities notably include supporting Ukraine, advancing the global shift towards clean energy, and promoting responsible artificial intelligence development.

Central to their discussions was the official launch of the Italy-Canada Roadmap for Enhanced Cooperation. This comprehensive plan outlines ambitious strategies for collaboration over the next three to five years across pivotal areas such as energy security, climate action, biodiversity conservation, migration policies, sustainable economic growth, and fostering innovation.

Amidst global geopolitical tensions, both leaders reaffirmed their unwavering support for Ukraine and stressed the critical importance of G7 solidarity in achieving a just and sustainable peace. They underscored the need for continued international unity in addressing ongoing crises and advancing collective security goals.

Looking ahead to Canada’s upcoming assumption of the G7 Presidency from Italy in 2025, Prime Minister Trudeau underscored his commitment to advancing a pragmatic yet ambitious agenda aimed at delivering tangible outcomes on the world stage.

As the Italy-Canada cooperation roadmap takes shape, Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Meloni pledged to maintain close communication and collaboration. They expressed optimism about future opportunities to further deepen bilateral ties and address shared global challenges.

The meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Meloni highlights the robust and growing relationship between Canada and Italy, characterized by shared values, mutual respect, and a commitment to global peace and prosperity.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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