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Canada to Conclude Assisted Departures from Haiti as Security Concerns Persist

In a recent statement issued by the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada has announced the conclusion of its assisted departure from Haiti amid ongoing security concerns. The decision comes as Canadian officials continue to prioritize the safety of citizens and residents amidst the volatile situation in the Caribbean nation.

Since the onset of the crisis, Canadian authorities have been working diligently to facilitate the departure of Canadians, permanent residents, and eligible family members from Haiti. Over 250 individuals have been assisted in leaving the country, with collaborative efforts from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency.

As the demand for assisted departures has decreased significantly, the last scheduled departure flight from Haiti is set for Sunday, April 7. Minister Mélanie Joly emphasized the urgency for those wishing to leave Haiti to do so promptly, urging them to reach out to Global Affairs Canada for assistance.

The security situation in Haiti remains precarious, prompting continuous monitoring by Canadian missions in the region. Collaborative efforts with international partners and like-minded governments are underway to address the ongoing challenges.

Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their immediate eligible family members still in Haiti are advised to apply for travel documents promptly if necessary and to contact Global Affairs Canada’s Emergency Watch and Response Centre for assistance. Contact information includes telephone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram options.


The decision to conclude assisted departures from Haiti reflects Canada’s commitment to prioritizing the safety of its citizens and residents in the face of escalating security concerns. As the situation in Haiti remains volatile, it’s crucial for individuals considering departure to act swiftly and avail themselves of the support provided by Canadian authorities.

The collaborative efforts between various Canadian agencies and international partners demonstrate a coordinated approach to addressing the evolving crisis in Haiti. While the conclusion of assisted departures signifies a transition in Canada’s response, ongoing monitoring and support mechanisms remain in place to assist those affected by the situation.

For individuals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with ties to Haiti or concerns about loved ones in the region, staying informed and accessing available resources provided by Global Affairs Canada is paramount. As the situation continues to unfold, maintaining open lines of communication with authorities and following relevant advisories will be essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of all affected individuals.

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