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Canada Post Unveils Stamp Series Honoring Canadian Graphic Novelists

TORONTO – Canada Post has unveiled a vibrant stamp series celebrating the remarkable contributions of Canadian graphic novelists to the world of literature. The series features four stamps, each dedicated to a distinguished artist who has left an indelible mark on the genre.

Chester Brown, renowned for his groundbreaking work “Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography,” receives recognition for his pioneering efforts in the graphic novel medium. His receipt of the first Canada Council for the Arts grant awarded to his genre underscores his significant influence.

New stamp series celebrates Canada’s iconic graphic novelists (CNW Group/Canada Post)
New stamp series celebrates Canada’s iconic graphic novelists (CNW Group/Canada Post)

Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki, cousins and collaborators, are honored for their poignant and award-winning graphic novel “This One Summer.” Their narrative prowess in capturing the complexities of adolescence resonates deeply with readers.

Michel Rabagliati, the creative genius behind the semi-autobiographical “Paul” series, is celebrated for his ability to blend personal experiences with fictional elements seamlessly. His work, particularly “Paul à Québec,” has garnered critical acclaim and even inspired a cinematic adaptation.

Seth, known for his Palookaville comic series and the acclaimed graphic novel “Clyde Fans,” is recognized for his masterful storytelling and distinctive artistic style. His exploration of themes such as family dynamics and societal change has captivated audiences worldwide.

In collaboration with Canada Post, these visionary artists have brought their characters to life on the stamps, offering a glimpse into the rich narratives that define their work. The series includes a booklet of eight Permanent domestic rate stamps and four Official First Day Covers, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to cherish these artistic treasures.

“This stamp issue pays homage to Canada’s vibrant graphic novel community and the profound impact these artists have had on storytelling,” remarked a Canada Post spokesperson. “Their creative vision and narrative brilliance continue to inspire readers of all ages.”

The stamp series and collectibles are now available for purchase at post offices across the country and online at canadapost.ca.


The unveiling of this stamp series by Canada Post marks a significant milestone in recognizing the cultural significance of graphic novels in Canadian literature. With each stamp depicting iconic characters from beloved works, the series not only celebrates the achievements of individual artists but also showcases the diverse storytelling landscape within the graphic novel medium. As the popularity of graphic novels continues to grow, this commemorative stamp series serves as a testament to Canada’s rich literary heritage and the enduring power of visual storytelling.

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