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Canada Condemns Iranian Regime’s Attacks on Israel

Ottawa, Ontario – The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has issued a stern condemnation of the recent airborne attacks carried out by the Iranian regime against Israel. In a statement released today, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed Canada’s unwavering support for Israel and condemned the actions of the Iranian regime, which he stated would only serve to further destabilize the region and hinder efforts towards lasting peace.

“Canada unequivocally condemns Iran’s airborne attacks against Israel. We stand with Israel,” declared Prime Minister Trudeau. He further highlighted the Iranian regime’s track record of disregarding peace and stability in the region, citing their support for Hamas’ previous attacks and noting that the latest actions only exacerbate tensions.

Acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself and its people, Prime Minister Trudeau assured that his government is closely monitoring the situation. He revealed that he is receiving regular updates from key advisors and officials, and that Canada remains in contact with its allies to coordinate responses to the evolving situation.

The Prime Minister’s statement underscores Canada’s commitment to upholding peace and security in the Middle East while standing firmly alongside its allies in the face of aggression.


GTA Today commends Prime Minister Trudeau’s strong stance against the Iranian regime’s aggression towards Israel. As tensions escalate in the region, it is imperative for global leaders to denounce such acts of violence and work towards de-escalation and peaceful resolutions. Canada’s unwavering support for Israel and commitment to monitoring the situation closely sends a clear message of solidarity with allies and dedication to maintaining stability in the Middle East.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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