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Canada Commemorates South Africa’s 30th Freedom Day: Prime Minister Trudeau Extols Historic Bond

Ottawa, Ontario – On April 27th, 2024, Canadians joined hands with South Africans worldwide in commemorating the 30th anniversary of South Africa’s Freedom Day, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s journey towards democracy. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a poignant statement from Ottawa, Ontario, reflecting on the historic occasion and the enduring bond between Canada and South Africa.

Trudeau’s statement echoed the sentiments of solidarity and celebration, emphasizing the significance of the day in South Africa’s history. He paid homage to the heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle, notably Nelson Mandela, whose indomitable spirit and vision for a free and inclusive South Africa continue to inspire generations.

Thirty years ago, South Africa emerged from centuries of colonialism and decades of apartheid to hold its first democratic election, a pivotal moment that signified the triumph of democracy over oppression. Trudeau underscored Canada’s unwavering support for South Africa during this transformative period, highlighting the pivotal role played by Canadians in assisting South Africa in drafting its inaugural democratic constitution.

The Prime Minister recalled Mandela’s historic visit to Canada merely four months after his release from prison, symbolizing the deep-rooted friendship between the two nations. Canada’s commitment to South Africa’s liberation struggle was further demonstrated when Mandela was named an honorary Companion of the Order of Canada, becoming the first foreign leader to receive such an honor. Additionally, he was granted honorary Canadian citizenship, a testament to his global impact as a beacon of hope and resilience.

Trudeau emphasized that Canada continues to stand as a steadfast partner to South Africa, working collaboratively on shared priorities such as combating climate change, promoting clean energy initiatives, and fostering innovation in science and technology. Looking ahead to 2025, when Canada and South Africa will respectively host the G7 and G20 summits, Trudeau affirmed the commitment to advancing mutual interests on the global stage.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Trudeau extended warm wishes to South African communities in Canada and across the globe, reaffirming the enduring friendship between the two nations. He expressed confidence that this bond will only grow stronger in the years to come.


The commemoration of South Africa’s 30th Freedom Day by Prime Minister Trudeau underscores the significance of historical milestones in shaping international relations. Canada’s solidarity with South Africa during its transition to democracy highlights the importance of standing firm in support of fundamental values such as democracy, freedom, and human rights. As Canada and South Africa continue to collaborate on various global challenges, including climate change and innovation, their partnership serves as a testament to the power of diplomacy and cooperation in addressing shared concerns. The Prime Minister’s message serves as a reminder of the enduring bonds that unite nations in pursuit of a better and more inclusive world.

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