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Canada Announces Creation of Commissioner for Modern Treaty Implementation

Ottawa, Ontario – In a landmark announcement, the Canadian government unveiled plans to establish a new oversight body tasked with ensuring the effective implementation of Modern Treaties with Indigenous Peoples. The creation of the Commissioner for Modern Treaty Implementation marks a significant step forward in the nation’s commitment to reconciliation and Indigenous rights.

The announcement, made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the second Intergovernmental Leaders’ Forum in Ottawa, Ontario, signifies a transformative shift in the Crown-Indigenous Modern Treaty relationship. The Commissioner’s role will be crucial in holding the Government of Canada accountable for its obligations under Modern Treaties, which have been instrumental in advancing reconciliation for nearly half a century.

With a budget allocation of $10.6 million over four years, the government aims to support the functions of the Commissioner and establish the necessary office infrastructure. This financial commitment underscores the seriousness with which Canada regards its obligations to Indigenous Peoples and the pursuit of reconciliation.

The Commissioner for Modern Treaty Implementation will operate as an independent oversight body, with a mandate to conduct expert oversight of government activities related to Modern Treaty implementation. They will work to ensure timely and effective implementation, report to Parliament to hold the government accountable, and possess the authority to compel departments to provide necessary information.

Importantly, the establishment of the Commissioner aligns with Canada’s commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, further demonstrating the government’s dedication to upholding Indigenous rights and fostering meaningful reconciliation.


This announcement is a significant milestone in Canada’s journey towards reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. By creating the Commissioner for the implementation of Modern Treaties, the government is taking concrete steps to address historical injustices and fulfill its obligations under Modern Treaties. The allocation of funding demonstrates a commitment to the success of this initiative, and the Commissioner’s independence will ensure effective oversight.

However, it’s crucial that Indigenous Peoples are meaningfully involved in the appointment and consultation processes surrounding the Commissioner’s role. Their input is essential to ensuring that the oversight body reflects the needs and priorities of Indigenous communities.

Overall, this announcement represents a positive development in Canada’s efforts to build stronger, more equitable relationships with Indigenous Peoples, and it sets an important precedent for future reconciliation initiatives.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

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