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Canada and France Deepen Bilateral Ties, Forge Stronger Partnerships

In a landmark visit, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal of France arrived in Ottawa on April 10 for his inaugural official visit to Canada, marking a pivotal moment in the longstanding relationship between the two nations. The visit, which concluded on April 11, was met with a warm welcome from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, reflecting the shared history and values that unite Canada and France.

During the visit, Prime Ministers Trudeau and Attal engaged in high-level discussions aimed at fortifying the bilateral partnership and addressing pressing global challenges. Key areas of focus included climate action, economic cooperation, wildfire management, and geopolitical solidarity.

A notable outcome of the visit was the renewal of the France-Canada Partnership on Climate and Environment, underscoring both countries’ commitment to combatting climate change and advancing environmental sustainability. The renewal of this partnership is expected to bolster collaborative efforts in tackling climate-related issues such as biodiversity loss and pollution on a global scale.

Furthermore, Canada and France solidified their commitment to wildfire management through the signing of a Declaration of Intent on cooperation. With recent natural disasters emphasizing the urgency of effective wildfire management, this agreement signifies a step forward in enhancing strategic collaboration in areas such as research, innovation, and personnel exchange during emergencies.

Economic cooperation also took center stage during the visit, with the renewal of the partnership agreement between the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) and the French investment bank Bpifrance. This initiative aims to bolster support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in both countries, fostering entrepreneurship and attracting investment.

In a display of solidarity, both leaders reaffirmed their unwavering support for Ukraine against Russia’s aggression and condemned terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel. Additionally, they stressed the importance of humanitarian aid access in Gaza and expressed concerns over the humanitarian situation in Haiti.

The visit concluded with a joint statement highlighting ongoing efforts to deepen collaboration on clean energy and economic prosperity. Prime Minister Trudeau also announced that Canada’s Acadie would host the first Franco-Canadian Council of Ministers meeting later this year, further underscoring the commitment to strengthening bilateral cooperation.


The visit of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal to Canada signifies a significant milestone in the longstanding partnership between Canada and France. The agreements and commitments made during this visit underscore the shared values and mutual interests that bind the two nations together. From climate action to economic cooperation, the initiatives announced during the visit hold the potential to foster meaningful change and drive progress on global challenges. As Canada and France continue to deepen their ties, the prospects for collaboration and mutual prosperity are brighter than ever.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

Alwin Marshall-Squire is the Editor-in-Chief of GTA Today and serves as the Parliament Hill Reporter covering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet. With a commitment to accurate and timely news coverage, Marshall-Squire brings depth and insight to the forefront of Canadian journalism. For feedback, reach out at

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