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Campari Returns to Cannes Film Festival with ‘We Are Cinema’ Campaign

CANNES, France – Campari, the iconic red bitter brand, is set to make a vibrant return to the illustrious red carpet of the Festival de Cannes from May 14th to 25th, 2024. This marks Campari’s third consecutive year as the Official Partner of the esteemed film festival, reaffirming its longstanding commitment to the world of cinema.

The Festival de Cannes stands as one of the most eagerly anticipated and glamorous events in the global film industry. Campari, renowned for its enduring association with cinema, has been a stalwart supporter of the art form for over four decades, consistently championing the talent and creativity of filmmakers worldwide.

Campari returns to the 77th Festival de Cannes, with Camparino in Galleria, master mixologists, serving up famed cocktails – including the Negroni during aperitivo hour

At the opening of the 77th Festival de Cannes, Campari will unveil its highly anticipated ‘We Are Cinema’ campaign. This campaign, a celebration of cinematic moments, will be presented through Campari’s signature lens of vivid red creativity, paying homage to the real-life stories that inspire great cinema.

Campari’s presence at the festival will be marked by a series of captivating events and activations. The Campari Lounge, situated within the Palais des Festival, will serve as a hub for exclusive gatherings and celebrations throughout the festival period. Additionally, Camparino in Galleria, manned by master mixologists, will delight attendees with the brand’s renowned cocktails, including the classic Negroni, during the prestigious aperitivo hour.

A highlight of Campari’s festival program is the introduction of Hyde Beach by Campari, an iconic venue on Boulevard de Croisette. This exclusive space will play host to a myriad of star-studded events and gatherings, offering guests a quintessential Cannes experience.

Campari’s collaborations for the 77th Festival de Cannes are equally impressive. Renowned director and celebrity host, Cole Walliser, will be stationed at the Campari Lounge, providing entertaining insights and interviews from the red carpet. Moreover, Campari will join forces with The Hollywood Reporter to present a special festival edition of the Awards Chatter podcast, featuring acclaimed filmmaker Kevin Costner.

Notably, Campari continues its partnership with Breaking Through The Lens, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women in film. Together, they will host the ‘Crossing Borders’ gala, honoring women who have transcended cultural boundaries in the industry.

Furthermore, Campari debuts a collaboration with Soho House for a unique creative film competition, spotlighting emerging talent and celebrating life’s extraordinary moments.

Julka Villa, Campari Group Head of Marketing, expressed enthusiasm about the brand’s return to Festival de Cannes, emphasizing Campari’s enduring passion for cinema and storytelling. Villa highlighted Campari’s commitment to creativity and its dedication to bringing remarkable moments to audiences worldwide throughout the festival.

As Campari takes center stage once again at the Festival de Cannes, it reaffirms its status not only as an aperitif but as a passionate source of inspiration within the world of cinema.


Campari’s resurgence at the Festival de Cannes is a testament to its unwavering dedication to the art of cinema. By launching the ‘We Are Cinema’ campaign amidst the glitz and glamour of Cannes, Campari reinforces its role as a key player in celebrating the human stories that fuel cinematic brilliance. With its diverse range of events and partnerships, Campari not only enriches the festival experience but also solidifies its position as a visionary brand at the intersection of culture and creativity. As the curtains rise on another Cannes extravaganza, Campari’s presence promises to be a highlight, toasting to the magic of storytelling and the enduring allure of the silver screen.

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