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Café Olimpico Teams Up with Tilley for Exclusive Toronto Pop-Up Event

TORONTO — Café Olimpico, a revered Montreal coffee destination, is set to make its mark in Toronto through an exciting collaboration with Tilley, the iconic Canadian headwear and adventure apparel brand. This collaboration brings together two beloved Canadian institutions for a unique pop-up event, combining the rich tradition of Café Olimpico’s exceptional coffee with Tilley’s commitment to timeless style and enduring excellence.

From May 17th to May 26th, Toronto residents and visitors will have the opportunity to experience Café Olimpico’s renowned coffee and warm ambiance within the iconic setting of Tilley’s Flagship Boutique at 61 Ossington Avenue. This temporary coffee haven promises to offer patrons a taste of Café Olimpico’s legendary brews while surrounded by Tilley’s enduring hats and adventure apparel.

Tilley, founded in 1980 by the visionary Alex Tilley during his sailing adventures on the Great Lakes, has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship and enduring style. The brand’s commitment to producing the world’s finest hats and adventure clothing aligns perfectly with Café Olimpico’s dedication to excellence in coffee culture.

Daniel Koppenol, Chief Marketing Officer at Tilley, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Bringing together two Canadian icons passionate about their craft—one with a legacy spanning half a century and the other nearing that milestone—feels like a natural convergence. The parallels between coffee culture and premium technical apparel are strikingly evident.”

Similarly, Jonathan Vannelli, the third-generation owner of Café Olimpico, shared his enthusiasm, remarking, “This collaboration embodies the organic union of two quintessential Canadian brands, each steeped in a tradition of excellence. We eagerly anticipate introducing Café Olimpico’s distinctive ambiance and coffee to Toronto, alongside Tilley.”

Visitors to the Tilley Flagship on Ossington Avenue during the pop-up event will have the exclusive opportunity to experience the fusion of two Canadian institutions with close to a century of combined history. Whether indulging in Café Olimpico’s exceptional coffee or exploring Tilley’s renowned adventure apparel, patrons are sure to enjoy a memorable and immersive experience.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive event! Join Café Olimpico and Tilley from May 17th to May 26th at Tilley’s Flagship on Ossington Avenue for a taste of Café Olimpico’s legendary coffee within the iconic setting of Tilley’s renowned adventure apparel store.

For more information, visit Tilley’s website or Café Olimpico’s website.

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