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Cadence Weapon Honors Edmonton Oilers with New Remix Single and Music Video for “Connor McDavid – 2024 Stanley Cup Version”

Toronto, ON – Polaris Music Prize-winning rapper Cadence Weapon has made waves once again with the release of a new remix single and accompanying music video titled “Connor McDavid – 2024 Stanley Cup Version.” This dynamic tribute honors the Edmonton Oilers’ star player Connor McDavid and his team as they strive to bring the Stanley Cup back to Canada for the first time in 31 years.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Cadence Weapon, now living in Hamilton, felt a deep connection to his hometown’s journey to the finals. This inspiration led him to rework his 2017 viral hit “Connor McDavid,” injecting fresh energy and current references into the remix. “Fans have been asking for an updated version of my 2017 hockey anthem ‘Connor McDavid.’ Watching the Oilers reach the Stanley Cup Finals inspired me to create a new version featuring the current roster,” Cadence Weapon explained. He headed to Dream House Studios with his engineer Calvin Hartwick, where they recorded, mixed, and mastered the track overnight. “This is the fastest turnaround for any song I’ve made, but I wanted to ensure fans back home had a new version to enjoy during this historic championship series. Let’s go, Oilers!”

The new high-octane single, co-produced by Gibbs and Cadence Weapon, is set to become a playoff anthem for Oilers fans and Canadians nationwide. It features Cadence Weapon’s trademark witty wordplay, clever Oilers references, and shout-outs to McDavid’s teammates and the Edmonton Oilers organization. The song’s resurgence coincided perfectly with the Oilers’ deep playoff run, further igniting fan enthusiasm.

To capture the spirit and passion of his fellow Edmontonians, Cadence Weapon returned to Edmonton to film the music video for the remix. “I did an online call out for fans who wanted to be in the video to meet me at the Bob and Doug McKenzie Statue near Rogers Place,” Cadence Weapon shared. “And they really showed up and delivered!” The video showcases key Edmonton landmarks and community spots that hold personal significance, including the Alberta Legislature Grounds with The Garden sculpture featuring one of his poems, The Black Dog venue, the Wayne Gretzky statue, and the Rollie Miles Athletic Field named after his grandfather.

Directed by Lyle Bell, the video also includes cameos from notable Oilers fans such as Superfan Magoo, Mama Stanley, and Cadence Weapon’s mother and sister. The visuals, primarily shot just outside the Moss Pit where Oilers fans congregate to watch games, capture the vibrant community spirit and support for the team.

Cadence Weapon’s recent successes underscore his influence in the music industry. The release of this remix single and video follows his critically acclaimed album Rollercoaster, praised for its incisive commentary on modern technology. With precision and irreverence, Cadence Weapon continues to captivate audiences and push creative boundaries.

The “Connor McDavid – 2024 Stanley Cup Version” single and its accompanying video not only celebrate the Edmonton Oilers and their star player but also reflect the deep bond between Cadence Weapon and his hometown. As the Oilers vie for the Stanley Cup, this release energizes and unites fans, encapsulating the shared excitement and hope of an entire community.

Let’s Go Oilers!

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