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BWXT Announces $80 Million Expansion of Nuclear Manufacturing Plant in Cambridge, Creating Over 250 Jobs

CAMBRIDGE – The Ontario government is celebrating a significant boost to the province’s energy sector with the announcement of an $80 million investment by BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) to expand their nuclear manufacturing plant in Cambridge. This expansion is set to create more than 250 new skilled, unionized jobs in the region and marks a crucial step forward in Ontario’s commitment to reliable, affordable, and clean energy solutions.

Minister of Energy, Todd Smith, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “With shovels in the ground today on new nuclear generation, including the first small modular reactor in the G7, I’m so pleased to see global nuclear manufacturers like BWXT expanding their operations in Cambridge and hiring more Ontario workers.”

The investment builds upon BWXT’s existing operations in Ontario, which currently employ 1200 people and support the ongoing operations of nuclear stations at Darlington, Bruce, and Pickering. As Ontario continues to lead in new nuclear technologies, such as the Darlington New Nuclear Project and the Bruce site’s large-scale new nuclear build, BWXT’s expansion will play a crucial role in meeting the province’s growing demand for clean energy.

John MacQuarrie, President of Commercial Operations at BWXT, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting clean energy projects worldwide. “Our expansion comes at a time when we’re supporting our customers in the successful execution of some of the largest clean nuclear energy projects in the world,” MacQuarrie stated. “By investing significantly in our Cambridge manufacturing facility, BWXT is further positioning our business to serve our customers to produce more safe, clean, and reliable electricity in Canada and abroad.”

Ontario’s energy landscape is set to undergo significant transformation, with the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Pathways to Decarbonization Report forecasting a potential need to double electricity generation capacity by 2050. With nuclear power currently supplying around 50% of Ontario’s electricity and boasting a clean energy mix, BWXT’s expansion will contribute to meeting the province’s future energy needs sustainably.

Construction for the BWXT Cambridge Expansion Project is slated to begin in the third quarter of 2024 and estimated to be completed in early 2026.


This investment by BWXT represents a substantial milestone for Ontario’s energy sector and the broader economy. Not only does it promise to create high-quality jobs in the region, but it also reinforces Ontario’s position as a global leader in clean energy technology.

The expansion of nuclear manufacturing capabilities aligns with Ontario’s ambitious goals for decarbonization and energy security. As the province continues to transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future, investments like these are crucial for driving innovation, economic growth, and job creation.

Furthermore, BWXT’s commitment to supporting clean energy projects worldwide underscores the importance of international collaboration in addressing global challenges such as climate change.

Overall, this announcement heralds a promising future for Ontario’s energy sector and underscores the potential of public-private partnerships to deliver tangible benefits for communities while advancing environmental sustainability goals.

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