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Brampton Welcomes Ontario Hockey League Steelheads Franchise

BRAMPTON, ON – The City of Brampton is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) Steelheads franchise, marking a significant milestone for the local sports community. The Steelheads will play their home games at the CAA Centre, bringing high-caliber junior hockey back to the city and promising to invigorate the local sports scene.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown expressed his excitement, stating, “Hockey is a beloved sport in our community, and across our great country. I am excited to welcome the Steelheads to Brampton and I will be cheering them on from the first puck drop. The OHL has an exciting history of producing great talent in NHL history from Bobby Orr to Wayne Gretzky to John Tavares to Connor McDavid. I encourage everyone to come out and show your support on September 27 as the Steelheads step on the ice for the first time in Brampton!”

The Steelheads, now rebranded as the Brampton Steelheads, will host their highly anticipated home opener on Friday, September 27. The event is expected to draw a large crowd of enthusiastic fans ready to experience the thrill of OHL hockey in Brampton. The team’s ownership shared their enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled about the next chapter in Steelheads hockey! We will be proud to bring our Championship hockey to our new home and even more proud to do so as the Brampton Steelheads.”

Brampton’s rich hockey tradition is evident in its robust infrastructure. The city is home to over 20 community hockey leagues operating across 19 indoor ice pads. Additionally, there are 9 outdoor rinks providing free ice time and dedicated shinny hockey periods during the winter months. These facilities, along with numerous recreational skating programs, offer residents of all ages the chance to engage with and develop their skills in the sport.

The community’s passion for hockey is further highlighted by Hockey Night in Brampton, one of the largest charity hockey events in Canada. This annual event draws NHL all-stars and hockey legends to the ice to support the Osler Health System and other worthy causes, showcasing the city’s commitment to both the sport and charitable endeavors.

As the Brampton Steelheads prepare for their inaugural game, excitement is building among local hockey fans. The team’s presence is expected to not only elevate the city’s sporting profile but also inspire a new generation of hockey players and fans. The community’s support will be crucial as the Steelheads embark on this new journey, aiming to bring championship hockey to Brampton and foster a deeper love for the game.

Residents and hockey enthusiasts alike are encouraged to attend the home opener on September 27 at the CAA Centre to witness the start of what promises to be an exciting season for the Brampton Steelheads. The city looks forward to a new era of hockey excellence and community spirit, with the Steelheads leading the charge.


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