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Belvedere Vodka and Future Collaborate in Sensational Campaign for Belvedere 10 Launch

Belvedere Vodka, renowned for its commitment to luxury and style, has unveiled a mesmerizing new campaign to mark the launch of its latest expression, Belvedere 10. Teaming up with multi-platinum artist Future and acclaimed director Taika Waititi, the campaign promises to captivate audiences with its blend of opulence, humor, and creativity.

Shot against the backdrop of New York’s vibrant streets, the campaign features Future embarking on a stylish adventure in search of the elusive Belvedere 10. Directed by Taika Waititi, known for his distinctive storytelling, the three-minute short film takes viewers on a journey filled with intrigue and humor.

From cruising in vintage Rolls Royce’s to a face-off with Taika Waititi himself, the campaign is a visual spectacle that celebrates the essence of luxury. Vogue Australia Editor-in-Chief Christine Centenera lends her styling expertise, while renowned photographer Atiba Jefferson captures every moment with finesse.

Grammy award-winning producer ATL Jacob curates the soundtrack, adding another layer of allure to the campaign. Future, known for his forward-thinking creativity, expresses his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the campaign’s unapologetic message and its celebration of authenticity and style.


The collaboration between Belvedere Vodka, Future, and Taika Waititi is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in marketing. By bringing together elements of music, film, and fashion, the campaign not only promotes Belvedere 10 but also creates a cultural moment that resonates with audiences.

In a city like Toronto, known for its diverse and dynamic culture, campaigns like these have the potential to make a significant impact. As consumers increasingly seek experiences that go beyond traditional advertising, brands must continue to push boundaries and explore new ways to engage their audience.

The Belvedere 10 campaign serves as a reminder that luxury is not just about products; it’s about storytelling and emotion. By tapping into the creative genius of artists like Future and Taika Waititi, Belvedere Vodka has crafted a campaign that transcends the ordinary and leaves a lasting impression on consumers.

As we look to the future of marketing in Toronto and beyond, campaigns like these will undoubtedly set the standard for innovation and creativity in the industry. By embracing collaboration and embracing the power of storytelling, brands can connect with audiences in meaningful and memorable ways.

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