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A&W Unveils Limited-Time Stackers: Customize Your Burger Experience with Grass-Fed Beef Patties

A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. has launched its latest culinary innovation, the A&W Stackers, offering customers the opportunity to personalize their burger experience by stacking signature grass-fed beef patties. Available for a limited time, the Stackers start at an affordable price point of $3.99, inviting Canadians to indulge in a delicious and customizable dining experience.

Drawing inspiration from classic West Coast burgers, the A&W Stackers feature a combination of familiar ingredients, including crisp lettuce, ripe tomato slices, onion, pickles, and a tantalizing new secret sauce. This delectable ensemble is paired with A&W’s juicy 1.6-ounce grass-fed beef patty, all sandwiched between a toasted bun.

Customers have the freedom to tailor their Stackers according to their appetite and preferences. Whether opting for a Single Stacker at $3.99, a Double Stacker for $4.99, or indulging in the Triple Stacker for $5.99, diners can stack on additional grass-fed beef patties to create the perfect burger stack.

Karan Suri, Director of Menu Development at A&W, shared insights into the creation of the secret sauce, stating, “I concocted this new secret sauce especially for L’Étagé. I wanted to give it the taste of a classic burger, the one you recognize from the first bite.” Describing the sauce as rich, savory, and accentuated with garlic and spices, Suri highlighted its ability to elevate the overall flavor profile of the burger, adding a burst of sweetness from relish to enhance the umami experience.

With the Stackers available for a limited time only, Canadians are encouraged to visit their nearest A&W restaurant or utilize the new A&W mobile app to place their orders and savor the mouthwatering Stackers before they’re gone.


A&W’s introduction of the Stackers represents a strategic move to cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of Canadian consumers. By offering a customizable burger experience with the option to stack grass-fed beef patties, A&W taps into the growing demand for high-quality ingredients and personalized dining options.

The incorporation of a specially crafted secret sauce further demonstrates A&W’s commitment to culinary innovation and delivering exceptional flavor profiles. With the Stackers, A&W aims to capture the essence of a classic burger while introducing new elements that tantalize the taste buds of its customers.

As the limited-time offering generates excitement among burger enthusiasts, it underscores A&W’s position as a leading player in the Canadian fast-food industry. The Stackers not only provide customers with a delicious and satisfying dining experience but also pave the way for future menu innovations and culinary exploration.

Overall, the introduction of the Stackers by A&W showcases the brand’s dedication to providing memorable dining experiences that cater to the diverse preferences of its customers. It’s a delicious invitation for Canadians to stack up their burgers and savor the flavors of A&W’s latest culinary creation.

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