Automobili Pininfarina Unveils Bespoke Vehicles Inspired by Bruce Wayne

New York – In an unprecedented collaboration bridging the realms of automotive excellence and pop culture, Automobili Pininfarina has unveiled a stunning collection of bespoke vehicles inspired by Bruce Wayne, the billionaire alter ego of Gotham’s iconic superhero, Batman.

Crafted in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, these ultra-exclusive vehicles represent the pinnacle of luxury and innovation. Developed under the Wayne Enterprises luxury brand and available for purchase at, the collection features two versions each of the pure-electric B95 hyper Barchetta and the Battista hyper GT, embodying Automobili Pininfarina’s philosophy of ‘Dream Cars. Made Real’.

The Gotham and Dark Knight specifications pay homage to Bruce Wayne’s dual persona, with the Gotham design exuding elegance and refinement, while the Dark Knight specification channels his technological prowess and vigilante spirit.

Paolo Dellachà, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, expressed excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the shared commitment to pioneering sustainable technologies. Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer, described the project as a dream assignment, allowing the team to immerse themselves in the iconic persona of Bruce Wayne.

Andrea Crespi, Chief Technical Officer, emphasized the vehicles’ embodiment of innovation, reflecting Wayne Enterprises’ relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries.

Robert Oberschelp, Head of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, praised the collaboration as a testament to Wayne Enterprises’ guiding motto of partnering with premier brands to bring Bruce Wayne’s elevated taste to life.

These bespoke vehicles boast unparalleled technical specifications, powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and featuring Wayne Enterprises-inspired enhancements. The interiors offer a luxurious experience, with unique door and roof designs to lighten the ambiance.

Whether it’s the gentle sophistication of Gotham or the technological edge of the Dark Knight, these bespoke vehicles are a fitting tribute to Bruce Wayne’s iconic legacy.


The unveiling of Automobili Pininfarina’s bespoke vehicles inspired by Bruce Wayne marks a significant intersection of automotive craftsmanship and pop culture. By tapping into the rich narrative universe of Batman, the collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products has created a unique opportunity to merge fantasy with reality.

For GTA Weekly readers, this collaboration highlights the enduring influence of popular culture on consumer preferences, as well as the growing trend of luxury brands seeking inspiration from iconic characters and narratives. As Toronto residents, we may not be able to don the cape and cowl like Bruce Wayne, but owning a piece of his legacy in the form of these exclusive vehicles offers a glimpse into the world of Gotham’s enigmatic billionaire.

Furthermore, this partnership underscores the evolving landscape of luxury branding, where storytelling and cultural resonance play a pivotal role in shaping consumer experiences. As Toronto continues to thrive as a hub of innovation and creativity, collaborations like this serve as a reminder of the city’s dynamic and interconnected global presence.

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