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Anticipation Builds as Sporting Life 10K Prepares to Support Campfire Circle

TORONTO – With excitement mounting across the Greater Toronto Area, anticipation is reaching fever pitch for the upcoming Sporting Life 10K event, set to raise crucial funds for Campfire Circle, a charity providing year-round programs for children battling cancer or serious illnesses and their families.

Scheduled for May 12, the 24th edition of the Sporting Life 10K promises to be a landmark event, drawing thousands of participants to Yonge Street for a day of athleticism and philanthropy. In addition to the in-person runners, walkers, and strollers, over 500 individuals are expected to join virtually from May 12-31, amplifying the event’s reach and impact.

Chad McKinnon, President of Sporting Life, expressed enthusiasm for the event’s potential to make a difference, stating, “For more than two decades, Torontonians and Sporting Life have been running together for Campfire Circle, raising over $25 million to support thousands of kids and families affected by childhood cancer or serious illness.”

The significance of the event extends beyond mere fundraising, serving as a beacon of hope and solidarity for those facing adversity. McKinnon added, “This has become an annual rendezvous that many of us take pride in attending, and it is no surprise this year’s event has recovered back to the pre-COVID registration numbers.”

Campfire Circle, buoyed by the community’s support, has set ambitious goals for this year’s fundraiser, aiming to raise $2.1 million by Mother’s Day. These funds are vital in enabling the charity to continue its mission of providing healing through happiness to children and families navigating challenging circumstances.

Alex Robertson, CEO of Campfire Circle, conveyed appreciation for the partnership with Sporting Life and all contributors, remarking, “Thanks to our partnership with Sporting Life, and all of our participants, donors, and sponsors who support us, we are able to provide more life-changing programs to kids with cancer or serious illness.”

As the event approaches, the excitement and anticipation are palpable, with participants and supporters eagerly awaiting the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.


As the Sporting Life 10K event draws near, the Greater Toronto Area is buzzing with anticipation, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to come together in support of Campfire Circle. The event’s significance goes beyond mere fundraising, embodying the spirit of community and compassion that defines our region. With ambitious goals set and unwavering support from participants, sponsors, and volunteers, the event promises to be a powerful testament to the resilience and generosity of the GTA. As we count down the days to May 12, let us rally behind this worthy cause and demonstrate the collective strength of our community in making a positive impact.

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