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Air Canada Launches Innovative Motorcoach Service for Southern Ontario Travelers

Montreal, QC – Air Canada, in partnership with The Landline Company, has introduced a groundbreaking motorcoach service aimed at enhancing travel convenience for residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and beyond. This innovative initiative connects the Hamilton-Wentworth and Waterloo Region airports to Toronto Pearson International Airport, offering seamless access to Air Canada’s global network.

The newly launched motorcoach service provides passengers with a convenient, one-stop solution for their travel needs. By combining high-end motorcoach transportation with Air Canada flights, travelers can now create a single itinerary when booking their journey from either Hamilton or the Region of Waterloo to any destination worldwide. This integrated service marks a significant step forward in streamlining travel and eliminating the hassle of multiple bookings and transfers.

Ranbir Singh, Director of Regional Airlines and Markets at Air Canada, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to launch this new service in collaboration with The Landline Company, offering our customers a convenient, stress-free multimodal option that will make connections easy and travel more seamless. Passengers who choose to travel between airports using Landline’s top-tier motorcoaches will enjoy similar benefits as those who opt for air-only connections.”

Nick Johnson, Vice President of Commercial for Landline, highlighted the premium nature of the service, emphasizing the luxury amenities and protected flight connections available to passengers at no additional cost. “We are thrilled to launch our premium connecting service from Hamilton and the Region of Waterloo in partnership with Air Canada,” said Johnson. “In addition to premium onboard amenities, and a protected flight connection on every trip, passengers can now book and ride our luxury motorcoach for no additional cost when paired with their Air Canada flight.”

Cole Horncastle, Executive Managing Director of John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, and Karen Redman, Chair of the Region of Waterloo, both praised the initiative as a significant development for air travel in southern Ontario. They emphasized the convenience and accessibility it offers passengers, as well as its potential to strengthen connections between the region and Air Canada’s global network.


The introduction of Air Canada’s motorcoach service represents a significant advancement in regional transportation infrastructure, with implications for travelers across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. By integrating ground transportation with air travel, this initiative addresses common pain points for passengers, such as long layovers and inconvenient transfers, while also enhancing accessibility for residents of southern Ontario. As the GTA continues to grow and evolve, investments in innovative transportation solutions like this are essential for ensuring seamless connectivity and supporting the region’s economic development. With Air Canada leading the way in collaboration with The Landline Company, the future of travel in southern Ontario looks promising, with more convenience and flexibility for passengers.

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