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Air Canada Collaborates with Quebec Artists to Create Musical Travel Guides for European Cities

Montreal – In a celebration of Quebec culture and the art of travel, Air Canada has teamed up with three renowned Quebec artists to launch a unique project, “Un air de chez nous.” This initiative introduces musical travel guides for three iconic European cities: Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

The collaboration features Charlotte Cardin, Alexandra Stréliski, and Sarahmée, each offering their personal touch to the exploration of these vibrant destinations. Through carefully curated playlists and insider recommendations, the artists invite travelers to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of these cities.

Charlotte Cardin, known for her soulful melodies, presents her beloved Paris, guiding listeners to hidden cafes and charming brunch spots that capture the essence of the City of Light. Meanwhile, Alexandra Stréliski shares her insights into Amsterdam, emphasizing the city’s cycling culture and tranquility through her melodic selections. Sarahmée takes us on a journey through Barcelona’s vibrant streets, showcasing its artistic flair and cultural diversity.

These musical travel guides are now available on Air Canada’s enRoute website and Spotify, providing travelers with an innovative way to plan their European adventures. With Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona being just a non-stop flight away from Montreal, these guides offer an enticing blend of music, culture, and travel inspiration.


The collaboration between Air Canada and Quebec artists is a commendable initiative that not only promotes cultural exchange but also enhances the travel experience for passengers. By incorporating music into the exploration of these European cities, the project adds an extra dimension of immersion and personal connection. As we navigate through a changing landscape of travel, initiatives like these remind us of the power of creativity and collaboration in shaping memorable experiences for travelers worldwide.

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