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Addressing Dog Waste Concerns in Our Community

MISSISSAUGA – The issue of dog waste being left behind in public spaces has sparked significant concern among residents. Despite seeming like a minor problem, uncollected dog waste can lead to various health and environmental issues, affecting the beauty and safety of our neighborhoods.

Rising Complaints

Nakia Phillips, a representative from the City’s 311 Call Centre, highlighted the increase in complaints as the weather warms up. “Many of the calls from residents about dog waste highlight the ongoing challenge we face in ensuring our neighborhoods remain clean and safe for everyone,” Phillips stated. The complaints primarily focus on public areas like parks, sidewalks, playgrounds, and sports fields.

Environmental and Health Risks

Dog waste is not just an eyesore; it poses environmental and health risks. It releases methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas, and can contaminate water sources. Moreover, during warmer seasons, it can spread diseases and create unpleasant odors.

To combat this issue, the City imposes a $115 fine on those caught leaving their dog’s waste behind. This by-law applies to both public and private properties, emphasizing the importance of responsible pet ownership. Enforcement often involves educating the public, with Animal Services staff visiting offenders to discuss the importance of picking up after their pets.

Encouraging Responsible Disposal

The City has installed Sutera containers in several parks, designed specifically for dog waste disposal. These in-ground containers can store waste for up to four weeks, keeping it out of direct sunlight and ensuring it is collected only when full. Jay Smith, Manager of Mississauga Animal Services, stressed the importance of proper disposal: “Always bring dog waste bags on your walks and ensure you’re disposing of your dog’s waste correctly, using designated containers.”

Community Cooperation

Residents are urged to report dog waste left in public places to the City’s 311 call center or via email at By working together and emphasizing the importance of this simple act of courtesy, we can ensure our community remains a clean, safe, and enjoyable place for everyone, including our four-legged friends.

Call to Action

Maintaining clean and healthy shared spaces requires the cooperation of all residents. Small efforts in responsible pet ownership can significantly improve everyone’s quality of life. Let’s work together to keep our community beautiful and safe.



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