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27 New Recruits Join Toronto Paramedic Services

Toronto, ON – In a heartfelt ceremony this afternoon, Toronto Paramedic Services (TPS) welcomed 27 new Operations and Communications Centre recruits to its ranks. Chief Bikram Chawla and several City of Toronto representatives were present to honor the new recruits, who have completed rigorous orientation and training programs.

Among the new graduates are 21 Primary Care Paramedics and six Emergency Telecommunicators, all ready to provide crucial emergency medical services to Toronto’s residents and visitors. These skilled professionals join a team dedicated to delivering exceptional pre-hospital care, a critical service that can often mean the difference between life and death.

Chief Bikram Chawla expressed his pride and enthusiasm for the new recruits, emphasizing their importance to the TPS mission. “I’m delighted to welcome our graduates to Toronto Paramedic Services. They join our dedicated team of Paramedics, Emergency Medical Call Takers and Dispatchers, Support and Leadership staff who care for our communities every day with the highest level of skill and empathy. Congratulations to each of you for committing yourselves to the Toronto Public Service,” Chawla said.

The TPS Central Ambulance Communications Centre plays a vital role as the first point of contact for emergency medical services. Staffed by Emergency Medical Dispatchers and Call Takers, the center utilizes an accredited call triage system and advanced telecommunications technology to provide immediate life support instructions and ensure timely access to emergency medical resources.

Mayor Olivia Chow also attended the ceremony, praising the recruits for their commitment to public service. “Congratulations to the new recruits. The Toronto Paramedic Service keeps us all safe and healthy, and we are grateful these new recruits have stepped up to serve the community. By increasing the number of trained Primary Care Paramedics and Emergency Telecommunicators, we’re ensuring help is there when you need it,” Mayor Chow stated.

The addition of these 27 new professionals will enhance TPS’s ability to provide 24-hour emergency care, reinforcing the service’s dedication to the health and safety of Toronto’s residents.

For more information about Toronto Paramedic Services, visit their webpage.


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